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Best In Class Schools Management suite

Schoolsbox runs your school within these 4 core modules. Everything within these modules and more are available to you irrespective of your subscription model


With SchoolsBox administration, you get student management, student exams, and records, assessments, attendance, teachers management, subject, and class management. As well as messaging via SMS , email and push notifications

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Reporting to

With SchoolsBox, parents are permanently connected to the school via our information streaming platform. You have access to frequent updates from the school as class activities take place. We believe the open day is not when a parent should find out how their child is doing but to discuss the challenges they have observed via the information provided by SchoolsBox Streams

SchoolsBox comes with an examination manager that allows you to administer tests and examinations

SchoolsBox allows you to easily setup fees, administer it, and also aid in its collection. It also sends reminders to defaulting parents

With SchoolsBox, generating reports is easy. You can choose a template and generate reports from it. Reports like broadsheets for assessments and examinations are also provided

SchoolsBox helps with admissions into schools. It provides an easy to use forms generator to aid in creating you school-fit admissions forms

Out of the box video conferencing with an unlimited number of participants and no time limit. This also comes with teaching aid that allows a teacher to interact with the screen

SchoolsBox allows you to manage your student subjects, assessments, grading, end of term comments easily

Fees Management &

SchoolsBox has the easiest to configure fees management and collections platform. In 7 steps you are ready to start collecting your fees with ease. Reminders are sent to defaulting parents


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